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HeuTimer - the best time-controlled feed trough ever!


Horses kept in groups should not be offered hay ad libitum but on a rationed basis. Freely adjustable time intervals for feeding times throughout the day limit the feed intake for high-energy hay and thus reduce the risk of colic. The new HeuTimer, the time-controlled feeding trough from Schauer Active Horse Systems, has been designed according to the natural posture of horses. It offers complete headroom, allows lunging and impresses with its robust construction for continuous use on the horse farm. The HeuTimer is ideal as a system component for rationed feeding in active stables or for smaller open stables to prevent over-eating at the feed trough.


HeuTimer enables time-controlled group hay feeding.


The robust and functional design will also inspire you - your horses already are.

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Short feeding breaks & flexible feeding times!


With a time-controlled HeuTimer, the horses' roughage can be divided into any number of feeding intervals.


HeuTimer UNO 2.0


The feed is stored behind flexibly adjustable bars. The hay timer is opened on a timed basis and the horse can pull the hay through the feed fence and eat it. At the desired time, the dispenser closes for the horse from top to bottom.


HeuTimer UNO 4.0


As soon as the HeuTimer opens, the horse can access the feed behind it. It does not matter whether hay, silage, grass or haylage is behind the element. The tarpaulin closes from bottom to top at the desired time.


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