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Anyone who decides to build a horse stable or even a riding facility today is faced with a multitude of requirements:


The demands of customers, horses and one's own work management should form the highest possible intersection!


High demands are placed on the stable operator; without a certificate of competence and privileged agricultural status, building in an outdoor area is hardly possible. Experts from the agricultural authority, experienced planners and concept developers should be brought on board.


The experience of many years shows that the time and also the costs that one takes for a mature planning and cost estimate pay off in any case. At this stage, the possibilities for public subsidies should also be clarified to avoid having to accept a delay in the start of construction.


Once planning permission has been granted, the first major hurdle has been overcome. When the excavators arrive, the practical part of implementation begins. If you are taking over the construction management yourself, it is advisable to be on site at the start of each trade and also to discuss details and plans with the companies. Here, too, it is certainly easier on the nerves to entrust the construction management to a professional.


As the building and outdoor facilities grow, so does the anticipation of the imminent move-in. The final touch to a stable/riding facility is the installation of the stable equipment; be it boxes with paddocks or an active/exercise area.


We have the necessary know-how - not only for the technology, but also for the concepts and have experienced stable planners on hand.


The active stable in particular combines open space concepts with sophisticated technology. The steadily growing number of satisfied stable operators and riders confirms this husbandry concept.

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